Reviewing Types Of Implants Used

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This is just a brief overview for now. With more time on your hands, you should be able to sift through the more detailed dental implants reviews franklin residents already have access to. Online or in surgery. Note this then, for starters. Two key types of dental implants will be used by the practitioners. These are your endosteal and your subperiosteal dental implants. The endosteal implants are placed directly into the jawbone.

These dental implants are usually made of titanium. They are shaped like small screws. And they are the most commonly used of all the implants. The subperiosteal implants will be placed under the gum. These will be placed on or above the jawbone. This is an implant that will be offered to patients who currently do not have enough healthy jawbone. They might not wish to go through with the required bone augmentation either.

Bone augmentation is necessary to help rebuild the jawbone. Subject to that, several techniques will be given consideration. The motivation is always to provide a solid foundation for implant supporting teeth. Bone augmentation has been mentioned. Other techniques that will be considered are the sinus lift and the ridge expansion. When the sinus lift is done, bone is added below the sinus. This is done in cases where natural bone has deteriorated as a result of missing upper back teeth.

The ridge expansion is carried out if the jaw is not wide enough to support the incoming dental implants. Bone graft material could be added to just a small ridge or space. This will be done along the top of the jaw. Unfortunately, there will always be those who will miss out completely. But all is not lost for them. Dentures are also better structured these days.